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Woodgroup Kenny


Woodgroup Kenny are world leaders in the development and supply of software and solutions for off-shore drilling specifically for Oil Companies and Exploration Companies.  A number of years ago we approached Woodbrook Kenny on the basis of implementing controls on their ever increasing printing and copying costs and devices.  It appeared that inexpensive printers were being ordered on an ongoing basis and the control and management of consumables was becoming a major headache.  In addition, service for the printers was ad-hoc and not organised.  Following on from our negotiations with their IT Team, we understood their specific goals to be as follows:-


  • Decrease the number of legacy printers.
  • By default, dramatically reduce the inventory and time spent seeking prices
  • Increase the quality of their in-house graphic printed presentations
  • Have one service provider and one contact for all service requirements
  • Provide secure printing on all confidential documents
  • Cost the print and copy to individual departments and user groups
  • Remotely manage the service requirements and the consumable requirements.


Taking on board their goals We set out to implement a successful MPS solution and by doing so, have achieved the following:-


  • Successfully achieved Woodbrook Kenny’s goal in implementing a MPS cost saving solution using software Capture IT
  • Remotely manage their entire fleets “service” requirements
  • Remotely manage with “consumables” inventory with “just-in-time” response
  • Deploy low TCO MFPs suitably located
  • Increased their efficiency and productivity with duplexing and stapling
  • Significantly reduce their carbon footprint
  • Provide measurement, management and control
  • Streamline the service – No down time!
  • Protect confidentiality of documents