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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards – What are they?

Interactive Whiteboards operate essentially the same as a normal Whiteboard, the key difference being it that they are electronic! The Interactive Whiteboard is usually wall mounted in a prominent position in, for example, a school classroom and connected to a computer making it possible to display information directly on to the Whiteboard. The obvious benefit of course is that it eradicates manually writing and erasing information as with a normal Whiteboard.

The Interactive Whiteboard was originally developed for Businesses for demonstrations and meetings however, Interactive Whiteboards are now commonplace in Schools and Universities in Ireland and are an extremely useful learning tool for all students, from as young as Primary School to University Students. Not surprisingly we have noticed a huge shift in sales from normal whiteboards to the Interactive Whiteboard in the Schools and University Sector.

Interactive Whiteboards are extremely cost efficient as this technology demonstrates how one computer can provide learning stimuli to an entire classroom.  This measure is much more cost efficient than equipping an entire IT room, or every student, with a laptop.

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Ricoh D6510 Interactive Whiteboard
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Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards
For outstanding brightness and long life the whiteboard’s 55-inch, full HD LCD display incorporates a LED backlight. Its adapted Gorilla® glass is Clear and durable. The D5500 perfectly displays

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