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Award Winning Ricohs Smart Operation Panel for MFPs
Smart Operation Panel

Award Winning Ricohs Smart Operation Panel for MFPs

All around us, people are pinching, tapping and flicking. The trend is touch.   By 2018, smartphones and tablets will account for 88 per cent of the global connected device market.

This meteoric growth can be attributed to the familiar iPad style interface, which provides a more intuitive and tactile interaction experience than push-buttons or keyboards.

The Smart Operational Panel (SOP) is a new tablet-style control panel that is integrated with an MFP to provide a clear, user-friendly interface to manage all of your MFP operations.

The SOP is a significant advance in the way people can manage, simplify and improve document processes in their office.

In response to customer’s changing technological requirements, DigiNet are delighted to bring you Ricohs Smart Operation Panel for MFPs which comes with an in-built HTML5 web-browser that provides access to web-based tools and portals wherever there is an MFP.