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Thermal Imaging Camera Solution

Thermal Imaging Camera Solution

As we all return to work over the next few months, we must ensure that measures have been put in place in the workplace to protect our staff and customers.

Protect your essential workers with this all-in-one solution that will provide risk management/mitigation in identifying and preventing those with an abnormally high body temperature entering your facility.

This solution is easy to use, quick to install and cost effective for your business.

No data risks or GDPR requirement associated with this solution as there is no recording or storing of data, the video analysis being complete is based on imagery only.

Allow us to help you provide longer term peace of mind and improved business continuity.


  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.3°C
  • Efficiency improved by 800%
  • Detection Distance of 3 meters
  • Can Detect Up to 30 Targets at the same time
  • Face Mask Detection Accuracy > 95%


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